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By grace, through faith. My new album RARE is out now 💖

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Had so much fun at the @dolittlemovie premiere this morning 🌸🦒 oh and I play a giraffe. Comes out 1/...
So my rare video is out! So I’m posting a few pics from that day
The video for Rare is out now 💖🌈🦋 link in bio
HERE IT IS!!! My album is officially out in the universe.. thank you for the souls that worked on th...
There must be a sweeter place. #Rare
I gotta get you out my head now… I just cut you off. #2DaysToRare
You may not be the one, but you look like fun. #3DaysToRare
I think you’re kinda crazy… and not the good kind, baby. #4DaysToRare
People can go from people you know to people you don’t. #5DaysToRare
If the only other option’s letting go – I’ll stay vulnerable. #6DaysToRare
Hi New Year. Let’s make this one better than the rest.
Feels so good to dance again #7DaysToRare